The art of community-mindedness: Click into Culture at Fabrica, Brighton – Q+A with Clare Hankinson

Having settled in the deconsecrated Holy Trinity Church in Brighton’s city centre 25 years ago, arts organisation Fabrica has since worked tirelessly to engage with the local community as a social hub and support centre.  The past twelve months have presented new challenges to the continuation of outreach programmes, tailored to the needs of vulnerable…

Still, in motion: Julian Vilarrubi’s Shifting Moments exhibition breathes life into the Phoenix, Brighton

One of the most generous aspects of contemporary landscape art is its ability to translate a pastiched visual language of urban development – mixtures of modern and historical architecture, natural effects and organic structures – into something harmonious and profoundly beautiful. From jagged scaffolds to the potent beams of an evening sun, Julian Vilarrubi’s most…

RE: Mank

A fantastic achievement in self-reflective cinema, David Fincher’s Mank boasts a witty and refined script, a sincere admiration for technical moviemaking mastery and a worthy cast who make this black-and-white treasure sparkle.

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